Owning or starting a café is beyond brewing coffees and opening your doors to smiling customers. You need to have things all figured out.

Starting a business in the hospitality industry can be rewarding and at same time challenging. Before starting a business in South Australia, it is advisable to do your research. You must believe in your product or service, as it will consume much of your time, especially in the beginning. There are a few things to consider such as financing, regulations, taxation, marketing, managing the business, etc.

The definition of cafes varies from country to country so it is important to know which is applicable in your choice country. In Australia, good food and wine is the reason most tourist select a particular destination.

To start a café, a few things are important

Seating capacity/arrangement

When a business maximises their seating capacity, they maximise their potential revenue. This arrangement depends on the space, the seat type and size.

Also. External factors such as smoking restrictions, may affect seating capacity.


Finding and keeping good staff in the hospitality industry is often the single biggest issue facing the new owner. For your business to attract and retain the right staff you will need to be critically aware of what you must provide to potential employees.

Such as:

  • good working conditions
  • leadership
  • clear procedures and policies
  • flexible rosters
  • succession planning
  • team building
  • incentives
  • appropriate remuneration
  • training
  • gratuities etc.

The hospitality industry is typically staffed by a large casual workforce and can utilise trainees and apprentices in various roles. Incentives are available to employers who contract apprentices or trainees.

Other important factors to consider if you’re thinking of owning a café also include

  • Opening and closing period
  • Work, safety & health
  • General insurance
  • Record keeping
  • Liquor license
  • Music